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Our team specializes in building digital health innovations for underserved populations; you can learn more about our related projects here: Transcendent Endeavors. We came to learn about the appointment adherence problem from our partners in public health, who told us that no-shows were one of the most detrimental and persistent obstacles they faced. As we dug deeper into this topic, what fascinated us was not only the myriad reasons behind why patients miss their appointments, but also the vast body of knowledge available on how to address the challenges of non-adherence.

That reservoir of know-how was trapped in the form of journal articles and academic discourse. The missing link was an efficient way to channel those best practices to the frontline, so that clinics could readily adopt them. We set out to build just such a conduit. With the support of an NIH innovation research award, we have spent the past few years poring over the evidence base, gathering user requirements, and building a behavior incentive platform that brings proven techniques into everyday practice.

Our work is just getting started. We look forward to supporting you in your patient engagement efforts!

The Team

Grosso photo
Director of Grants and Research

Ashley Grosso is the Director of Grants and Research. She has a PhD in public administration with a concentration in urban health systems from Rutgers University. Her hobbies include roller derby training and spending time with her dog and cat.

Founder and CEO

Bill Z. Tan is the founder of Transcendent Endeavors. He was named one of Crain’s 40 Under 40 Rising Stars and a New York City Venture Fellow by former Mayor Michael Bloomberg. Bill’s passionate about applying entrepreneurial endeavors to address complex social issues that affect underserved communities.

Product Manager

Steven is the Product Manager with a software development background. He received his undergraduate degree in Information Science and Technology from Temple University and is currently an MBA candidate at New York University. When he’s not at work or in school, Steven enjoys working out, flying his drone, traveling, or hanging out with his dog.