Besides no-shows, can Aqueduct support other adherence behaviors?

Yes, the principles and practices apply to other domains such as dietary and lifestyle changes, substance abuse abstinence, and adherence to treatment regimens. We are continuously adding target behaviors to our modules.

Is Aqueduct compliant with regulations on anti-kickback and beneficiary inducement?

Aqueduct is designed to help our clients fully comply with pertinent legislations, including the DHHS OIG’s Final Rule that went into effect in January 2017. The good news and the bottom line: if an incentive is not likely to induce a patient to select a particular provider, practitioner, or supplier, it will not implicate the statute; additionally, there are numerous safe harbor provisions and exceptions that protect programs that promote access to care and help a patient comply with a treatment regimen. For more information, download our white paper on this topic.

Is the $75 incentive budget per patient a requirement?

Not at all, you can also choose non-monetary incentives such as preferred appointment slots or a desirable parking spot for your patients. We offer a variety of options to help you decide what’s most attractive to your patient population.

Is Aqueduct HIPAA-compliant?

Aqueduct uses HIPAA-compliant servers and best practices regarding data encryption and communication throughout our product.

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